Apple AirTags, How it works, release date, & leaks

Apple AirTags
Apple AirTags

Rumors suggest Apple will unveil a new iPad Pro at a spring product launch in April. And, eventually, the AirTags will be on the agenda for that event. Of note, some leakers said the event would happen in March, so maybe it’s time to consider making AirTags predictions.

  • Apple is developing a tool to compete with Tile, a common tracker that connects to objects and uses Bluetooth or crowdsourcing to find them.
  • Apple’s trackers, named AirTags, would also enable users to track down misplaced or stolen products.
  • They’re supposed to resemble circular discs and use the same ultra-wideband technology as Apple’s iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 models
  • though this technology is oddly absent from the 2020 iPad Pro and iPad Air

How it works

Apple is attempting to beat the Tile Pro to the position of best key finder on the market, and it stands a decent chance if it fits smoothly with Apple’s ecosystem of devices.


  • AirTags, like most key finders, stick to items you wish to keep hold of, such as keys, laptops, wallets and purses, and other valuables. 
  • After that, the tracker attaches to your phone, allowing you to locate any lost or missing objects.
  • There’s a significant distinction between existing key finders and Apple’s rumored AirTags. Bluetooth attaches most key finders to your computer. 
  •  The AirTags will have a longer range and more detailed position monitoring than standard key finders as a result of this.
  • The iPhone’s built-in software already allows you to locate friends and Apple items using their location data. 
  • Since the iOS 14.5 beta became available, references to the potential to monitor objects like keys and luggage have started to appear in the Find My app, making this an even better bet.
  • More about how AirTags could work was disclosed in a paper by Josh Constine. 
  • While the rest of the study centered on the Gobi, a new augmented reality app, it appears that the AR functionality will be applied to the Find My app as well. 
  • According to the code shown to Constine, you’ll be able to search a room with your iPhone for AirTag-connected objects, 
  • and you’ll get audio and haptic input depending on your proximity to the object you’re looking for.
Apple AirTags
Apple AirTags

Apple AirTags release date

  • Production had begun, according to Nikkei Asian Review, at the start of September 2020.
  • Similar to Apple’s November Mac function,
  • Apple hosted Special Events for the iPad and iPhone on September 15 and October 13,

Apple AirTags design

  • Following that, it was revealed that they are 32mm in diameter and 6mm thick,
  • which is very thick as compared to the thickness of an iPhone, for example.
  • Apple’s wearable trackers, according to code discovered in the internal development of iOS 13,
  • may have a reversible battery and could use the same compact watch batteries as certain Tile trackers. 
  • One code string in the Find My app said, “Unscrew the back of the item and eject the battery.
  • ” According to news, a low battery alert will also compel the tracker to submit a final position until it expired.