5 Ways To Manage Your Depression


Depression(major depressive disorder) will affect your negative feeling and it’s a very common and serious medical illness.it affects how you feel, how you think, and how you act. depression causes feelings of sadness and the loss of everything you owned.it can affect your daily routine badly. If you feel depressed you should meet a doctor or therapist immediately. while doing it you can try some trick and tips on your own

Do some exercise

  • Get 30 minutes walk or ride a bicycle every day or you can dance, swim if you prefer.
  • Depressed people are not so active so that you need to motivate yourself and do the exercises anyway.
  • If you can’t do this alone you can try it with a friend.
  • Once you go with the exercise habit you will feel a different feeling definitely
  • In addition to exercises, you can try some yoga and aerobic exercises. 
  • Yoga includes breathing exercises and meditation. those will definitely help you to reduce depression

Get good nutritions

  • Depression can be affected to appetite. Some depressed people can lose their appetite some people can overeat.
  •  if the depression affects your appetite you have to have extra mindful for getting the right nourishment.
  • If you take proper nutrition you can improve your mood and energy. so please eat plenty of fruits and vegetables even you don’t  hungry



Identify troubles

  • If you are having any trouble affected by your depression please try to understand the problem.
  • when you realize your problem then talk with a caring friend. 
  • talking to a friend is the best way to release the feelings and take some understanding
  • Once you figure out your problem focus on a positive thing and take action to solve the problem
  • Being with family members and friends will relieve your stress. It will realize them they can do something for you than just watching at you

Express yourself 

  • If you have depression your creative emotions will be blocked. so you have to express your creative mind when you know you are in depression.
  • Try to sing, paint, dance, draw, or anything you can do to relax your mind
  • Take a time to play with a friend or a pet or do something fun for your self .watch some comedy movie. laugh makes your mind clear

Try to notice a good thing of you

  • If depression affects you it will decimal your thoughts and everything, negative and hopeless. if depression notice you everything negative please make it an for an effort for the notice good things in your life
  • First, notice just one thing, then try to notice another one considering your talents, your gifts, strengths.
  • Don’t forget to be patient with yourself.it takes time to heal