Most people think that Lady Luck needs to be on your side to have a winning game of Bingo, however, there are definitely strategies that you can use to improve those odds. In this article we are sharing our Bingo wisdom with you and suggesting five Bingo strategies that work – play now.

Buy more cards

This is a kind of self-explanatory strategy but we thought it was worth mentioning, as the more cards you buy the more you increase your chances of winning! If you can work the number of cards that you want into your gambling budget, then why not do this? After all, it’s such a simple step in increasing your winning odds.

Select cards that don’t duplicate your Bingo numbers:

If you opt to go for cards that don’t have the same numbers on, then you can increase your chances of winning. As you already know, one card will never have the same number on, and this is to make the game fair so that every card a player buys has an equal shot of winning. However, combining this tip with the one above will increase your odds of hearing the number called out.

Play at quieter times

Playing a game of Online Bingo at an off-peak time is a great way of improving your winning odds. This could mean waking up and playing some rounds of Bingo before going to work or opting to play later in the evenings. This could also play into the weather, for example, if it’s a nice sunny day outside on a weekend then this could be a good time to try and win a Jackpot as most people will be busy making the most of the day or evening! We recommend that you try out different gaming times and see what works best for you.

Play at casinos that offer promotions

Bingo Promotions and offers are a great way of increasing your chances of winning at Bingo, and lots of online casinos offer them in an attempt to entice new players in. Promotions can range from welcome offers, where you can play with £30 for free as long as you deposit £10 into your account. Other offers can relate to online slots, like free spins promotions, and it’s a good idea to make the most of these as well as slots can also boost your bankroll.

Listen to other players

This is our final Online Bingo strategy and it’s an important one. Joining player chat rooms allows you to chat to like minded players and get some helpful hints and tips from them. It also means that they can invite you to other Online Bingo games, and these chat rooms often offer extra prizes alongside the main Bingo game and you can be in with a chance of winning them by being sociable! Plus for some players playing Bingo online can be a bit lonely if they are used to land based casinos, and this way they can still make friends!